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Exclusive discounts and free UK delivery - No membership needed
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SWIG - importers of artisan wines from around the world

Swig supply private clients, and some of Britain's finest restaurants and independents. Swig are a small group of misfits who travel around the world looking for delicious undiscovered wines that punch above their weight. Many of their wines are rare gems you won't find anywhere else. One of their greatest pleasures is to source wine from small family-owned wineries. The other is to get to know their customers and their tastes and provide a personal service to them.

"Wine lovers tend to be set in their ways: once they discover what they prefer in terms of grapes or regions, they stick within those parameters. I’m as guilty of this as the next person.That’s why we should all be grateful for wine merchants like Robin Davis at Swig. He has made it his lifelong passion to hunt down obscure wines that excite his palate and are properly priced."

Bruce Palling, The Week Wines

“SWIG do for wine what Mr and Mrs Smith do for hotels”

Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

“SWIG is an expert wine company at sniffing out top quality, boutique estate wines”  


“Robin Davis (founder) from SWIG  is a committed wine hunter. Like the 19th-century botanists who went on wild adventures searching out undocumented plant specimens, Robin will sniff his way through regions that seem to have been completely picked over – and, once in a while, emerge with a jewel”

Victoria Moore, The Telegraph

"A website you may not have spotted that should be top of your browsing list this year for the sheer quality of its wines is swig.co.uk."  

Olly Smith, The Sunday Mail

“Swig's notes are exceptional. Such a good read, a model of entertainment and information" 

Jancis Robinson

Shortlisted for National Merchant of the Year 2012, Decanter Magazine

Shortlisted for Direct Merchant of the Year 2012, International Wine Challenge