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Exclusive discounts and free UK delivery - No membership needed
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Lea & Sandeman

Lea & Sandeman is about wines to drink - not just wines that impress at tastings. We particularly emphasise drinkability and try to offer wines which do not just impress on first taste, but leave you wanting another glass. 

More important than meeting price points, Lea & Sandeman is about value for money. From the very beginning this meant sourcing wines direct from growers. Although many of the domaines and growers on their list today are the same as when they started, their range has developed over the years, reflecting the introduction of both traditional and innovative producers. They are not name-buyers, they are quality buyers - their Sauvignon de Touraine is better than cheaper Sancerres, their Sancerre is among the best in the appellation.

"Lea & Sandeman - a firm of which I am a great admirer. A good measure of an independent merchant is how it buys. Deduct 10 points for those who simply ring round the wholesale importers; add 15 for those who, like Charles Lea, take the trouble to scout around the byways of the world's wine regions in search of exclusive little trouvailles... Their strength is in the wine world's classics (of which they have a constantly changing stock), characterful bargains from southern France, Valdespino connoisseur Sherries, and evidence of the Italian wine revolution that is shamefully rare in Britain."  Jancis Robinson in the Financial Times

Lea & Sandeman is about wine with personality. Their search for quality has led them to producers who work for the best expression of terroir and grape varieties, with the minimum of intervention, resulting in wines which are not only refreshing, but also uplifting to drink.

When they opened their first shop on the Fulham Road in 1988, the aim was to bring the full service of the traditional wine merchants to the High Street in updated form. So they offer advice, en primeur offers of Bordeaux and Burgundy, cellar planning, as well as wines for immediate drinking.

Where to find Lea & Sandeman

There are four stores in Chelsea, Kensington, Barnes and Chiswick which have won many accolades over the years.

Lea & Sandeman supplies the whole of the country, delivering as much as possible in their own vans to ensure the best possible service. Call one of the shops or the office number 020 7244 0522.

Now wine can also be purchased direct from their newly redesigned website, so why not browse their best sellers, or use the search facility to look for specific wines or areas.